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Gallery Knoerle Baettig Contemporary Fine Art in Winterthur Switzerland,

InGenio Arte Contemporanea in Turin Italy & at the Agriculture Museum in Hvanneyri Iceland

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Paintings exhibited at the Borgarfjördur Museum, Iceland in 2015 & 2016


Bird’s palette is as colorful as her paintings and her abstract works are full of vitality. 
Her figurative work expresses transcendental and enigmatic themes.
Wherever she and her art are found, there is sure to be a high degree of zest for life.

Dr. Erwin Treu Director of the Ulmer Museum & Kunst Museum Basel


Beloved Borgarnes - In this exhibition I show two intrinsic parts of life, family and community, both essential to a healthy existence. As I paint I contemplate the character & strengths of the denizens of our community and represent them in a state of bliss. These portraits are more or less a chronological account of the people I have met in Borgarnes, set in their majestic nature reflecting it’s splendor and dreamy reality.  Grit, independence and strong ties to folklore keep me enamored.

Last winter I spent two months painting in a small village in Piemonte Italy.  From right to left, is amazing and beauitifull Nonna Bis, who knitted scarves for the Resistenza she’s 88 and is nicknamed the General.  In this painting she is teaching me her recipe for cannelloni.  On the left is a self portrait titled, “In Bocca Al Lupo” In the mouth of the wolf  - and is an expression for good luck.  The scene is set in the Torre Pellice valley where the Valdez were persecuted for being heretics, I am surrounded by the few animals which occupy the forrest. 

The juxtaposition of the two themes shows my tendency to fill the canvass -Horror Vacui- with endless details versus the wide open dreamy spaces in the Icelandic paintings. Distance has increased my appreciation for the sense of empowerment unique to Iceland. 

And I wonder as our natural spaces diminish, does our perception and sense of possibility also diminish? Beloved Borgarnes, may your vast magnificence continue to empower people near and far.


J’ai une toile de Michelle Bird. Je la regarde jour après jour. À caque observation j’y découvre une nouvelle profondeur et une lumière insoupçonnée la veille. J’y vois des corps exultants et des eclairs qui crépitent. L’oeuvre de Michelle Bird me fait du bien et me rappelle toujours à la magnifique puissance de la vie.
- Michel Reilhac former Director of Arte France