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6 Years of MAP Magazine and Open Doors Winterthur
Founded in 2008,  MAP Magazine Artists Professionals is a printed and on-line annual publication and Winterhur's answer to a public art platform. Below sign used in Winterthur by artists. LINK

OPEN DOORS FILM 2010 from MAP Magazine on Vimeo.

A mosaic created to introduce the Open Doors Event.  This short contains interviews and photos from Steve Ellington and Byron McCartney.  2007 marked the first Open Doors event for artists with art studios in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Colaborative ART Mike Albrow & Michelle Bird 

Artists Michelle Bird, Mike Albrow & Mike Helbling collaborate on a public project called “Public Dreams and Private Myths”  an ode to mythologist Joseph Campbell.  This Implenia sponsored mural was the prelude to Winterthur's annual Afro-Pfingsten festival.  The mural depicts an African Bushman ringing a Swiss ceremonial bell from the village Urnesh linking the ancient rites and is a token of our collective subconscious.  M&M webpage

Closed Curtains Lives of the Wallen Amsterdam

A co-production illustrating life within the walls of Amsterdam's Red Light District, published by White-Boucke Publishing in 2001 and is available on

Together Michelle Bird & Bruce Harris have attempted to produce a synergy between Michelle’s visuals and Bruce’s observations of the ‘Lives of the Wallen’. Closed Curtain provides an in-depth look at Amsterdam’s most infamous neighborhood. This is the only place in the Western world where families, businesses, and the sex trade coexist in such a bizarre yet all-embracing commu