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Workshop for Erasmus Teachers The Chain Foundation

Drawing to sagas for teachers from Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal and The Netherlands for the Cultural Heritage Activities and Institute Network.

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Experimental painting activity to live music for the staff of 200 employees.  Approximately 35 participants.

Integrierte Psychiatrie institute in Winterthur

Experimental painting activity to live music for 16 participants.

GIS-Zentrum Baudirektion Kanton Zürich Amt für Raumentwicklung

Experimental painting activity to live music for 6 participants.

Kanton Schule Zurich A WIE ATELIER

Painting workshops for students of all ages.

Gain new perspectives by intuitively tapping into your creativity while stimulating artful team building.

Corporations and Established Groups
Painting collaboratively facilitates dynamic interaction and dialogue.  This process inspires “out of the box thinking” and strengthens team spirit. The finished artwork is a symbol of your groups creative and expressive exploration. Corporate groups up to 7 persons 

including apero and materials price Euros 1700 an estimate may be requested for larger groups.  We'll work with professional materials and the completed masterpiece can hang in a communal environment. I also offer a family workshop the price is 150 euros per person min 4 members.

Blindfolded, left handed and experimental painting to music.  This experiment takes place in my art studio and the participants work individually exploring creative process. This workshop is designed for artists and therapists. Duration 3 hrs. Materials included.


Phase 1 Blindfolded
The tactic of beginning blindfolded releases the creator from competitive performance and aids us in our discovery of the flow of our brush stroke, what is referred to as your signature.  This part of the workshop is accompanied by flowing instrumental music.

Phase 2 left handed
After removing our blindfolds we will then review the nature of the work completed and it’s qualities.  Next using our left hand only during the second phase we exercise our ambidexterity. This part of the workshop is accompanied by experimental music.

Phase 3 right handed
During the final phase we will paint using only our right hand during 2 minute intervals encouraging your spontaneous nature. This part of the workshop is accompanied by bombastic music.