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Dr. Erwin Treu: Wege einer Malerin


04-2017 Cultural Grant Uppbyggingarsjóðs Vesturlands, Iceland
01-2017 Third Prize, Ljósmyndasamkeppni Borgarfjordur Museum, Borgarness, Iceland
06-2016 Karolina Funds Recipient, Iceland
04-2016 Cultural Grant Uppbyggingarsjóðs Vesturlands, Iceland
05-2003 Winner of Nationally Juried Exhibition, CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER SACRAMENTO USA
               Group Exhibition: Portraits of My Mother Things Left Unsaid

2016-04 Recipient Alternate Status The Bogliasco Foundation, Italy
2012-12 SIM Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavík, Iceland
2012-06 Baer Art Center, Hofsos, Iceland
2012-06 Recipient Hafnarfjörður Museum, Iceland 2012

04-2017 Gallery Knoerle Baettig Contemporary Fine Art, Winterthur, Switzerland
04-2016 Doxa Design Lab, Tampa, Florida, USA
03-2016 Borgarfjordur Museum, Borgarness, Iceland
02-2016 Open Studio,  Torre Pellice, Italy
01-2015 Borgarfjordur Museum, Borgarness, Iceland
03-2012 Zürcher Kantonalbank, Winterthur, Switzerland
05-2011 Galerie Thomas Bäni, Winterthur, Switzerland
03-2011 Galerie Cécile Charron, Village Suisse, Paris, France
03-2010 Hotel Eden, Arosa, Switzerland - Objects of Desire
10-2009 AXA Oerlikon Investment, Winterthur, Switzerland
03-2009 AXA Winterthur, General Guisanstrasse, Switzerland
11-2003 Art & Fashion Gallery, KWF,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Nothing Butt
03-2003 Depot Gallery, Mill Valley, USA - Allegoric portraits in oil
01-2001 Gallery Sijben en Vriend, Amsterdam The Netherlands

07-2017 Sumarlist Museum For Agriculture, Hvanneyri Iceland
02-2017 InGenio Arte Contemporanea, Turin Italy
01-2017 Borgarfjordur Museum, Borgarness, Iceland
11-2016 Stedje Brewery, Iceland
01-2015 Listasalur Mossfelsbaer, Fluxus Design Tribe, Iceland
12-2013 SIM, Aðventusýningin, Reykjavík, Iceland
11-2013 Dagur Myndlistar 2, Reykjavík, Iceland
09-2013 Open Doors Event, Winterthur, Switzerland
08-2013 Arion Banki Menningarnótt í Reykjavík, Iceland
05-2013 Eullachhalle, Winterthur, Switzerland
04-2013 Schloss Mörsburg Winterthur, Switzerland - M13 - Kunst um Schloss
09-2012 Kulturschiene, Herliberg, Switzerland - Mother & Daughter Duo
06-2012 Baer Art Center, Hofsos, Iceland
05-2012 X-treme Lab, Antwerp, Belgium
03-2012 ARTseefeld Galerie, Zürich, Switzerland
12-2011 Oxyd Kunstraume, Winterthur, Switzerland
06-2011 AXA Winterthur, Paulstrasse Winterthur, Switzerland
09-2011 Open Doors Event, Winterthur, Switzerland
05-2011 Villa Mainau 34, Zürich, Switzerland
01-2010 Utopia, Outside-Inside, Altestadthaus, Winterthur, Switzerland
09-2010 Open Doors Event, Switzerland
08-2010 Orangerie, Switzerland - Sexibition Inhale Exhale
05-2010 International Artists , Outside Inside, AWC Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland
03-2010 International Women’s Day Exhibition, AWC Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland
05-2009 Eullachhalle, Winterthur, Switzerland
01-2010 Heimat, Outside-Inside, Altestadthaus, Winterthur, Switzerland
12-2009 Preview Kunsthalle Frauenfeld, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
10-2009 La Galerie Artmonti, Ile St-Louis, Paris, France
09-2009 Open Doors Event, Winterthur, Switzerland
02-2009 Innsbrucks Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition, Austria
01-2009 Le Club Orangerie, Rozenthal, Switzerland
09-2008 Open Doors Event, Winterthur, Switzerland
06-2008 Gallery Birds Eye View, Switzerland
04-2008 Mainau 34, Zürich, Switzerland - Mother and Daughter
01-2008 Galleria del Arte Ill Milennio, ART & EROS, Venice, Italy
12-2006 Gallery Birds Eye View, Switzerland
06-2006 Gallery Birds Eye View, Switzerland
05-2005 Art & Curiosities Auction KWF Vught, The Netherlands
04-2005 Hotel Eden, Objects of Desire, Arosa, Switzerland
07-2004 Gallery Walls, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
06-2004 The Paint Factory, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
05-2004 Art & Curiosities Auction KWF Vught, The Netherlands
06-2003 Cafe Get Down, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Mural
03-2003 Galery De Pomp, Warmond, The Netherlands
12-2002 ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
05-2002 Gallery Retort, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - India day & night
06-2001 Cafe Harlemmer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
04-2000 The Jolly Joker, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Mural

Bird has lectured at San Francisco's Academy of Art University on drawing from memory techniques. Switzerland's Kanton Schule Zürich has invited her to host more than a dozen demonstrations for their program A Wie Atelier. She has given group workshops in experimental and blind painting to the engineers at Google Zürich, GIS-Zentrum Baudirektion Kanton Zürich and to the Integrative Psychiatric clinic in Winterthur.

She has gained Dutch and international attention with her illustrations in the book 'Closed Curtains Lives of de Wallen'. Other illustrations of hers have been published by the Dutch & Belgium publication 'Joie de Vivre'. In addition she is the founder and producer of MAP Magazine Artist Professionals, The Open Doors Event and Outside Inside platforms for artists working in Winterthur.

Her art has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Europe and in the United States including the Borgarfjardar Museum in Iceland, Galerie Cècile Charron in Paris, Galleria del Arte Ill Milennio in Venice, and Galerie Mainau in Zürich. In 2003 she has won a nationally juried exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center in Sacramento, California. In 2012 she was selected for and completed the Artist in Residence fellowship at the Baer Art Center in Iceland and participated in the Artist in residence program at the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists center SIM. In 2015 & 2016 she exhibited portraits of Borgarnes residents at the Borgafjordur Museum.

Bird's work is represented in private and corporate collections in the United States, Switzerland, France and The Netherlands, including those of Axa Winterthur and SEC Communications. Michelle Bird speaks English, Dutch, & German fluently and has an intermediate level of Italian and Icelandic; she is a member of SIM The association of Icelandic visual artists and she also holds a San Francisco Bay Skippers rating.


2016            Ungmennasamband Borgarfjarðar Borgarnes Iceland/summer workshops for children
2016            Símenntun Borgarnes Iceland/drawing workshops
2008-2011  Schule Und Kultur, Kanton Zürich Bildungsdirektion, Switzerland/ 17 workshops primary, middle & high school students.
2002            Academy of Art College Guest Lecture Drawing Techniques, San Francisco, US/drawing from memory.
2002            West Valley College Guest Lecture Drawing Techniques, San Jose, US/drawing from memory.


Fluxus Design Tribe, Borgarnes Iceland
In 2015 I established a platform at the Innovation Center in Borgarnes where artists can collaborate on design ideas using salvaged materials.

Afro Pfinkstern Music Festival, Winterthur, Switzerland
In 2011 in collaboration with visual artist Mike Albrow we implemented a public mural which was sponsored by Implenia. The 6 x 6 meter mural portrayed parallels between the Swiss village of Urnesch in Appenzeller and the bushmen in Africa.

Outside Inside International Artists, Winterthur, Switzerland
In 2009 I initiated a platform for international artists living in Winterthur where they could present their art annually at Winterthur’s historic Altestadthaus.

MAP Magazine Artists Professionals, Winterthur, Switzerland
From 2008 to 2013 I established and directed a platform for artists to profile their work in a printed and on-line publication which had a circulation of 5000 copies. The annual listed a glossary of art terms, prizes, subsidies and featured articles about local art movements.

The Open Doors Events, Winterthur, Switzerland
In 2007 I established the the open art studios annual event which drew approximately 3000 visitors from 35 European cities and a revenue of 200,000Chf. annually. I continued to organize this event up until 2013.

Joie de Vivre Dutch & Belgium Publication, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
In 2004 I provided a series of illustrations which were published with the article ‘De Portiek Vrijer’.
White-Boucke Publishing Colorado, The United States
In 2001 I designed the cover artwork, the layout and provided 25 illustrations for the book 'Closed Curtain Amsterdam's Guide to the Red Light’.

In 2003 I created the color pallets for the 'UnDutchables Birthday Calendar 2003'.


Anton Martineau, Mentor 2001-2004 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Internship oil painting techniques

Rietveld Art Academy 2001-2002 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
orientation year

Schildersatelier Van Vlaerken 2000-2002 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Internship Dutch Masters painting techniques

Honey Arts Modeling 1999 Chamba, North India
Internship bronze casting technique "the lost wax method"

De Universiteit van Amsterdam 1994 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
State Language Examination Dutch