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Do what makes you happy!

I won't bore you with the mundane existence of a painter.  Instead on this marvelous day I'll share my wish list. Not just because I'm an Eddie Vedder fan.  I don't wish I was anything other than what I am. 

I see now that it took seven wishes to come to the heart of my wish.

7. Receive the Baer Art Center summer residency
6. Go to Burning Man
5. Live in a city where people are happy
4. Experience intense creative exchange
3. Give more workshops on intuitive painting
2. Learn to listen
1. Follow my heart

This year I decided to really love myself and do what makes me happy.

What I love about painting is the blank canvass.  The not knowing aspect of life.  My approach to painting has so much to do with feeling colors, finding balance, maintaining the aliveness of the materials with tension and harmony. Recognizing the integrity-intention of each brush stroke without judgment. The gift of focus and trans like qualities experienced when drawing and painting most of us have experienced as children. Talents are gifts, and according to Lewis Hyde's book The Gift, a gift remains a gift only if it continues to be gifted. 

Once again I find myself in front of the blank canvass of life ready to paint my richest dream and I will include all the colors of life and the wisdom I have learned through painting.