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Wishing Well

Some blogs ago I made seven wishes and a resolution.  My one resolution was to learn to listen and as a result I am smoke free. Last week my ship came in when I received an invitation to Iceland's Baer Art Center Artist in Residency Program. Scoring tickets to Burning Man was high on my wish list. Task complete! Now I'm whiling away my beauty sleep dreamily with Scott London's Photos which are truly firing me up for some surrealistic activities. Creative collaboration wish number ? will culminate in Iceland and crescendo in Nevada at Burning Man. My first wish was living in a place where people are happy. By people, I probably meant me and I now realize that most people are satisfied as long as they don't live with me. So with this in mind I feel a bit wiser and a lot happier.

This is actually a very complex painting which I began the year I arrived in Switzerland.  It was full of turbulence and reflected the conditions I found myself in.  I completed the painting last week.  It is now anchored, clear and balanced. This painting has integrated my past and has become more vivid and less intense. I know I've used this quote before, however more vivid and less intense does apply to me.