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Learning to walk

I spent the better half of my morning learning to walk again at the Tango Factory El Sur.  Quickly into the rhythmic walk I understood my mentor Anton's preoccupation with the Tango Argentina and noted the many Zen like similarities to creating a work of art. The dance begins with a balanced posture, arms engaged pressing firmly into the others, while leaning into one another slightly. The easel is slanted slightly forward as I lean towards my canvass. Once rapport is established, I wait and respond to what I feel. Dialogue begins with a first step. After receiving a sign I respond to the gesture aware and balanced. Our 4 legs walk sideways, backwards and forwards and our upper body is one. Improvising while focused and aware of each new gesture.

In the meantime I'm sketching out my project for Iceland. Having learned that 1 in 10 residents are published it seems fitting to work through my personal tales. Preparation is necessary and I would like to avoid cumbersome supplies as well as long drying times. I believe that paper, ink and a Mac book will suffice.  Of course in addition to a wind parka, long underwear, a fleece and hiking boots. I will try to refrain from taking photos as I have learned from love that any attempt to capture beauty is an act of corruption. WOW that sounds harsh.  Never the less I am more interested in telling a story than in freezing time.

Below are two sketches from my moleskin dated July 2011.  Keeping a diary is proof that we are clairvoyant and know much more than we are prepared to accept at the time.

to free or not to free/anything to avoid the truth