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The Borgarnes Mermaid swims in Hrognkelsavik bay in Iceland amidst the indigenous cottoidea (lumpfish), herring & plankton.  Humbled by Nature shows the fragility of our environment and is a reminder of the role we make in our surroundings.

This theme of the elements began when I was painting in Italy and reminiscing about my enchanted hideaway in Iceland. It is there that I am reminded of my role in nature. The original works were painted using acrylic paints and gold leaf on linen in my studio in Piemont, Italy. I was missing the wonders of nature and torn because I am in awe of the centuries of mastery in the arts in Italy. I was feeling the romance of Blake's mystical etchings and I felt that The Elements were the only subject I could revere!

The process of making a Pareo is many fold and I am enjoying all the aspects of delving into the world of design. Once the paintings were completed and exhibited, they were then digitally photographed for reproduction by Massimo Terazzan in his studio in Turin. With the digital images I was able to create a Pareo design and other designs such as wallpaper and fabrics which will be available on Spoonflower (by artist Michelle Bird) . I then submitted my designs to Fattorseta in Cernobbio Italy who specialize in the production of fine crafted scarves. Visiting the showroom and the original factory which was established in 1957 in Cernobbio Italy was essential to understanding their experience and craftsmanship.

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